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Message from our Founder:

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Children’s Technology Workshop Hong Kong (“CTWHK”).

When I look back into the past 10 years, it has been an awesome journey so far and I am so grateful that CTWHK has helped a lot of children in Hong Kong and China to attain more valuable science-related knowledge through fun and enjoyable ways of teaching, including our most popular LEGO® Engineering and Mechanic Workshop, as well as LEGO® Movie Camp.

At CTWHK, we believe learning is most efficient and effective while children are fully engaged into the playing process.  According to the feedbacks that we receive from parents and partnered schools, we have been doing great in our unique way of teaching. However, doing “great” is not enough.  Technology changes every day.  Being a learning center that specializes in teaching science and technology-related subjects, we can never stop at being just “great”.  At our workshop, we actively renew our curriculum and seek for the most fun and stimulating ways to teach our students the ever-changing up-to-date technology and science concepts. We want to offer more to our students. We want to offer a wider range of courses. We want to offer courses addressing parents’ most recent concerns over their children’s academic paths.

To cater all these needs, I proudly announce that “Children’s Technology Workshop Hong Kong” will be renamed to “The Genius Workshop”. With the new branding, we will offer a wider range of courses that are suitable for children from ages 3 to 14, with updates to our current most popular courses at the same time.  Indeed, we have completely revamped our Robotics Thrill Workshop into a more engaging and challenging course - the Robotics Division.

We have always cared more than anyone else about bringing the latest and the most fun ways of teaching in Hong Kong and China, and we still do today. This is why I am even more excited about the next ten years than the last.

Thank you for this wonderful and meaningful journey.

Horatio Wou

Our Programs:

Mechanic Workshop

Ages 3-4.5 LEGO® Mechanic Workshop

Engineering Workshop

Ages 5-14 LEGO® Engineering Workshop

Robotics Division

Ages 7-14 LEGO® Robotics Division

Animation Academy

Ages 8–14 LEGO® Animation Academy

Green Zone

Ages 7-14 LEGO® Green Zone

Architecture Unit

Ages 7-14 LEGO® Architecture Unit

Art Studio

Ages 8–14

Creator Camp (Ages 4.5 - 7)

All children love to create their own stories in their minds, but in Creator Camp, you will get to gather your boundless imaginations into a one-of-a-kind digital storybook!

SUPER BOSS CAMP (Ages 4.5 - 7)

Is there a supermarket with a playground, a zoo with unicorns, or a shopping mall designed for kids? Try to be the boss of your dream business to design and build every single detail!


We take the bus to schools, MTR to playdates, taxi to parties… There are so many different types of transportations in a city, but who decide how they are operated? Now you have a chance to plan your miniature LEGO® city’s transportation!

LEGO® PARTY PLANNER (Ages 4.5 - 7)

Birthday parties are fun, but planning your own LEGO®-themed party is extra fun! Not only will you become a LEGO® party planner, you can also invite your family to have fun with what you’ve planned for them!

THE ANIMATOR (Ages 7 - 14)

Bring your story to life by becoming the director of your own LEGO® stop-motion animation movie! Be it about superheroes saving the world, Jedis protecting the galaxy, Monster Trainers hunting around the city… You will decide how the whole story goes!


All successful entrepreneurs around the world have unique ways of seeing things.  Since the most creative and wild ideas overflow when one is young, why not try becoming the youngest entrepreneur of your own business this Summer?


Coding is becoming an important language of the new generation. It might seem boring at first, but we teach it in a fun and interesting way in our coding playground!


Through daily challenging scenarios, The Transport Plan puts students in crucial roles in solving a LEGO® City's transport issues as the City expands. Students' leadership and communication skills will be put to test in a fun and engaging way!


Space travel isn't a dream anymore with improving technologies. In Space Institute, instructors will enrich your child's knowledge and vision of the Universe through LEGO® building and other fun activities!

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