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2020 Chinese New Year STEM Programs

2020 Chinese New Year Programs

I. 1-Day CNY x STEM Camps (3 topics to choose from, sign up by day)

II. AM/PM STEM Workshops (5 Topics)

I. 1-Day CNY x STEM Camps

1. Jr. CNY x STEM 1-Day Camps (Ages 4.5-7)

2. Sr. CNY x STEM 1-Day Camps (Ages 7-14)

II. AM / PM STEM Workshops

5 Topics To Choose From:


Mechanic Workshop (Ages 3 - 4.5)

Engineering Workshop (Ages 5 - 14)


Robotics Division (Ages 7 - 14)

Game Development Dept (Ages 8 - 14)


Animation Academy (Ages 8 - 14)

Email us now or contact us at 2591-0100 (Happy Valley), 3107-4343 (Prince Edward), 2591-0009 (Taikoo), or 3746-9688 (Whampoa) for registration or enquiries!

Jr. CNY x STEM 1 Day Camps

Learn about traditional Chinese New Year culture together with various STEM concepts in our CNY X STEM 1-Day Camp! Multiple topics available!

Sr. CNY x STEM 1 Day Camps

Combing Chinese New Year traditions with STEM concepts, our Sr Camp CNY Topics include Robo Lion, CNY Game Coder and CNY Robo Parade!

Find Activities For Your Child:

Ages 3-4yrs Ages 5-7yrs Ages 8-14yrs

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