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- Learn The Real Functions Of Construction Vehicles - 

There are so many kinds of construction vehicles and they all look very cool, but do you know what they can actually do? Let’s learn all about their functions and build them with LEGO® this summer!

  • Experience with our imitation construction site on how it operates from beginning to completion
  • Learn the fuctions of different vechicles and machines based on the stage of construction
  • Build vehicles and equipment with LEGO® by applying real mechanical concepts
  • Train problem-solving skills on daily construction scenarios by suggesting solutions
  • Apply existing knowledge on construction vehicles into practical use

Construction Zone Timetable:
5-Day Camp

Ages 4.5 - 7    9:00 - 10:30 

Happy Valley Center:
Week 5: Jul 16 - 20
Week 9: Aug 13 - 17 

Taikoo Center:
Week 2: Jun 25 - 29
Week 7: Jul 30 - Aug 3

Prince Edward Center:
Week 4: Jul 9 - 13
Week 9: Aug 13 - 17

Whampoa Center:
Week 2: Jun 25 - Jun 29
Week 8: Aug 6 - 10

Email us now or contact us for registration or enquiries!
Happy Valley: 2591-0100
Prince Edward: 3107-4343
Taikoo: 2591-0009
Whampoa: 3746-9688

TOYS"R"US JUNIOR CEO (Ages 7 - 12)

Be the Junior CEO of Toys"R"Us for a week in prepare your unique proposal for 'The Future Toy Store'. All proposals will be reviewed by the Hong Kong Toys"R"Us management team and prizes will be awarded to the final winner!

ROBO RUMBLE (Ages 7 - 14)

Learn the essential skills to build the strongest robot, strengthen it through a series of missions, and battle each other for the champion of our first ROBO RUMBLE league!


An unique one-week experience where your child will be able to train up their analytical, problem-solving, communication, leadership, and public-speaking skill under a fun and motivating environment through simulated scenarios happening each day in the city they created.


Coding is becoming an important language of the new generation. Coding could be a really boring subject, and that's why we created Coding Playground to make the whole learning process fun and engaging!

THE ANIMATOR (Ages 7 - 14)

Direct and film your own LEGO® stop-motion animation movie! Be it about superheroes saving the world, Jedis protecting the galaxy, Monster Trainers hunting around the city… You will decide how the whole story goes!

CITY PLANNER (Ages 4.5 - 7)

A special one-week experience for our students to take charge of managing an expanding city! Leadership, teamwork and their problem solving skills will be trained through simulation of daily scenarios.


The very first girl-focused summer camp by TGW! Craft, build, and solve problems in the series of events happening in your magical kingdom to retrieve your precious crown!

CREATOR CAMP (Ages 4.5 - 7)

All children love to create their own stories in their minds, but in Creator Camp, you will get to gather your boundless imaginations into a one-of-a-kind digital storybook!

SUPER BOSS CAMP (Ages 4.5 - 7)

Is there a supermarket with a playground, a zoo with unicorns, or a shopping mall designed for kids? Try to be the boss of your dream business to design and build every single detail!

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