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SPY HQ (Ages 4.5 - 7)

SPY HQ (Ages 4.5 -7)
- Learn STEM From The Perspective Of A Spy -

How does a spy live in disguise and save the world without a trace?  Join our Spy HQ to find out the secret life of spies.

  • Plan the Spy Headquarters with traps and dungeons to prevent intruders
  • Design and build spy gadgets and vehicles
  • Utilize spy skills to retrieve stolen identities
  • Escape bad guys' attacks with special spy skills

SPY HQ Timetable:
5-Day Camp  

9:00am - 10:30am 

Non-Member: HK$2,480
Member: HK$2,180
Material Fee: HK$80

Happy Valley Center:
Week 1: Jun 17 - 21
Week 7: Jul 29 - Aug 2 (Last 2 Spots)

Taikoo Center:
Week 2: Jun 24 - 28
Week 8: Aug 5 - 9 (Last Spot Left)

Prince Edward Center:
Week 3: Jul 2 - 6
Week 9: Aug 12 - 16

Whampoa Center: (Time: 11:00am-12:30am)
Week 4: Jul 8 - 12
Week 10: Aug 19 - 23

Don't miss out on our 15th Anniversary Special Discounts!

Email us now or contact us for registration or enquiries!
Happy Valley: 2591-0100
Prince Edward: 3107-4343
Taikoo: 2591-0009
Whampoa: 3746-9688

TOYS"R"US - Startup Corp. (Ages 7 - 12)

Design and construct a brand new toy for your startup, and create a proposal to pitch your new brand to Toys"R"Us. All proposals will be reviewed by the Hong Kong Toys"R"Us management team and prizes will be awarded to the final winner!

2019 TGW ROBO LEAGUE (Ages 8 - 14)

Enjoy the experience of a friendly cross-center robotics competition in this 5-day program! No past experience needed!

SPHERO STEM PARK (Ages 7 - 14)

Working together with Sphero, we are bringing our students the most fun and unique coding experience this summer!


Don't just learn the facts of space exploration! Come experience it with us this summer!


Learn about real mechanics and technology of electric vehicles and find out why they are taking over the car industry around the globe!


In a Master Chef-like format, students' creativity, critical thinking, time management and teamwork skills will be trained and challenged on their way to become The Master Builder!

CODING HEROES (Ages 5 - 7)

Gain coding knowledge and become a Coding Hero to save our galaxy! Learn the foundation coding concepts without the use of a screen!

SUPER SCIENCE LAB (Ages 4.5 - 7)

Put on your lab coats, and get ready for some real experiments in this 5-day camp!

PLANET PLANNER (Ages 4.5 - 7)

Humans are bound to move to another planet. Learn essential facts about our solar system and help plan and build our first space city on this chosen planet!


Learn how to create your very own Digital Story Book from scratch and share it with your family and friends after the camp!

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