Summer 2020_Jr_Transport

Transport Developer

Ages 4.5 - 7

There are many different types of transportations in a busy city, but who decide how they are operated?  Now you have a chance to develop the transport system in a miniature LEGO® city!

Program Highlights

  • Learn how transportation companies are operated

  • Plan, design and build vehicles and transportation facilities

  • Infrastructures and routes planning

  • Solve transportation problems in the city through group discussions and brainstorming 

Skills trained through this program:
ABT Communication.png
ABT Problem Solve.png
ABT Analyzing.png
ABT Leadership.png
ABT Planning.png
ABT Presentation.png
ABT Teamwork.png
ABT Organization.png
Schedule & Format




Course Fees

4 days per week

1hr 30mins  per class


Please refer to below for each center:

Regular HK$1,980 

Members HK$1,780

Happy Valley

Time: 9:00am - 10:30am

Week 1: Dec 21 - 24

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