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Ages 3 - 4


"Nothing lights up a child's brain like play"


- Dr. Stuart Brown

Founder of The National Institute for Play

Starting as a toddler, young children come across un-countable machines in life without understanding how they actually work. The conveyor belt at the airport, the turnstile at subway stations, the elevator that takes them up and down... all these movable objects might seem like magic to them.

In the Mechanic Workshop, the young minds will not only see how things work, they will also get to create, and build these machines to make them move!

Skills Learned

  • Enrich Life knowledge by experimenting how things work

  • Introduction to simple machines and physics concepts

  • Improves fine-motor and cognitive skills

  • Encourage children to express ideas through fun interactive teaching method

  • Stimulate creativity in model expansions, small games and story-telling

  • Effectively prepare children for school interviews




Course Fee

What to bring

1-2 classes/week, 60 minutes/class, 8 classes/ module


Please contact us for the most updated availability

Whatsapp: 6211-1968

Regular HK$3,000 / Module

members HK$2,600 / Module

A curious and creative mind!

Experience TGW

Come see why The Genius Workshop is trusted by the top schools and parents in Hong Kong. Try once before you enrol!

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