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Minecraft: Into the Metaverse

Ages 7 - 14

Do you know that Minecraft is actually a Metaverse too? Utilising the Minecraft platform, this exciting one-week program will introduce and let students experience the latest Web3.0 terminologies and concepts. Topics to be covered include: Metaverse, NFT, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DAO, and more.

It's going to be one exciting and memorable week for the students!

Program Highlights

  • Learn the essential elements of a metaverse, and why are some of the biggest companies in the world considering it as a big part of our future

  • Establish a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and build the biggest virtual entertainment hub on your digital land!

  • Discuss and make plans within your DAO to decide on essential features of your virtual project and execute these plans as a team

  • Understand the concept of blockchain technology and learn about the most common cryptocurrencies

  • Learn about Non Fungible Token (NFT) and raise funds to support the expansion of your virtual project through your first NFT launch

  • Students-designed NFT will be listed on a major NFT marketplace that parents can access too

Skills trained through this program:
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Schedule & Format




Course Fees

What to bring to class

5 days per week

2hr 30mins  per class


Please refer to below for each center:

Regular HK$4,380 | Members HK$3,880

An iPad with the latest version of Minecraft installed

Happy Valley

Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Week 4: Jul 4 - 8


Week 6: Jul 18 - 22

Week 9: Aug 8 - 12

Newly Added!
Week 11: Aug 22 - 26


Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Limited Spots
Week 10: Aug 15 - 19

Limited Spots
Week 5: Jul 11 - 15

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