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iOS SWIFT Coding @ Home

Ages 7 - 10

Swift and SwiftUI are programming tools created by Apple that are used by many professionals to create many of today’s popular apps. Stepping in the world of Swift is a fun way to start learning coding. Students will be challenged with a wide range of interactive challenges and tasks that can be solved through coding.

Program Highlights

  • Learn about how apps are made and the technologies behind

  • Combine coding logics with problem solving skills to solve interactive challenges.

  • Interactive coding shows the results on screen instantly, this will help the students improve visualising the codes.

  • Learn to apply creativity with technical skills to create something unique through coding.

iOS SWIFT Coding @ Home | Ages 7 - 10

Fees Per Unit:

What's Needed:

Special Offer:

Flexible format:

60 mins per class, 4 classes in one module

$1,600  (members) / $1800 (regular)   

A Mac or an iPad (best with the most updated firmware)

10% off when you enrol for 2 or more modules

Online class credits can be converted to face-to-face classes once resumed

Online Class Schedule:

Flexible schedule available throughout Monday to Saturday. Please WhatsApp us at 6211-1968 for available time sessions.


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